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In addition to a wide selection of target materials, Soleras offers a variety of spare parts, consumables and other components for Arc and Planar Magnetron Systems, in both OEM and Enhanced form.

spare parts and consumables

Some of those systems include: AR-Mag, AJA, AMAT, Airco, Angstrom, Balzers, BOC, Bekaert, Bulat, Cemecon, Compuvac, Dynavac, Eifeler, GPI, Gencoa, Hauzer, Kobelco, Kolzer, Leybold, MRC, Multi-Arc, PVT, Perkin Elmer, Sierra, VTI, Vac-Tec, Vapor Tech, Varian, Veeco and Von Ardenne. 

This list is not all inclusive, please contact us with your specific needs.